The Office of Institutional Compliance

Financial Disclosures

The Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities Policy (HOOP 20) requires the submission of a Financial Disclosure Statement by certain employees when hired (within 30 days of the hire-date) and then annually thereafter (by March 31 of each calendar year).  A financial disclosure is an after-the-fact reporting of outside activities and financial interests.  This important policy is intended to protect the credibility and reputation of the university, UT System, and the members of the faculty and staff by providing a transparent system of disclosures and documentation of employee activities and financial interests outside the university that might raise concerns about conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment.  You are required to submit a Financial Disclosure Statement if any of the following statements below applies to you.

  • You are an FLSA-exempt faculty or staff member.  This means you are in a position that is coded in HR as not eligible for paid overtime (note that shift differential pay, on-call pay, bonus payments, etc. are not considered as overtime pay).  Your FLSA status will appear in the upper right portion of your timesheet (see "FLSA Type).
  • Your job involves the negotiation or execution of contracts on behalf of UTHealth.
  • You are a "Covered Individual" under the Research Conflicts of Interest Policy (HOOP 94) as designated by the principal investigator of a research project (you participate in a significant way in the design, conduct, or reporting of research at UTHealth).

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FORM.  Click on this link to access disclosure instructions, FAQs, and the on-line form.  This year's annual Financial Disclosure Statement must be filed by March 31, 2015.  (Throughout the year, new employees submit their initial disclosure within 30 days of their hire date.) NOTE:  There currently appears to be a problem accessing the log-in screen for the Financial Disclosure System if you use Internet Explorer.  PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME.

List of Financial Disclosure Statements submitted in 2015. Supervisors can view this list to check whether employees have completed the requirement.  The list is updated daily.

Information for New UTHealth Employees.  An overview of disclosure requirements for newly hired FLSA-exempt faculty and staff.

Sunshine Act/Open Payments. The Social Security Act requires CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) to collect information from applicable manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in order to disclose their financial relationships with physicians and teaching hospitals.  This government website provides an overview of such financial relationships, including payments for research activities, gifts, speaking fees, meals, and travel.  Open Payments is the federally-run program that collects the information and makes it available to the public.