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Clinical Trials Resource Center

Investigator Training

The Office of Research is committed to supporting the research efforts of the UTHealth investigator community through various training efforts.

Clinical Research Training
Clinical Trials Coordinators provide investigator training on the basics of coordinating a clinical research trial, and billing processes. [learn more]

Effort Reporting
All UTHealth faculty with effort on sponsored projects and other employees involved in the effort certification process must complete approved training on effort reporting.  Re-certification through continuing education is required every three years. [learn more]

Investigator Responsibility Briefing
UTHealth employees serving as Principal Investigators (PI's) on sponsored projects are required to complete Investigator Responsibility training before accounts for research grants/contracts can be created. [learn more]

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers formal instruction and support to Postdoctoral Fellows in an effort to enhance the training experience at UTHealth and promote successful careers in science. It is an information warehouse providing an avenue of communication among Postdoctoral Fellows, Faculty and Administrators. [learn more]

Research Conflicts of Interest

Research Conflicts of Interest training addresses the importance of ensuring financial interests do not affect, or appear to affect, the design, conduct of reporting of research or compromise the protection of human subjects. [learn more]

Responsible Conduct of Research
Responsible Conduct of Research training ensures that all research is conducted responsibly, safely, and in compliance with acceptable regulations and policies. [learn more]

Research Misconduct

The web-based Research Misconduct training course helps researchers understand the types of misconduct and how they are handled by universities. The cases are presented in video vignettes, and each case includes commentary from experts who analyze case related issues. Click the link below to proceed to the course. [view course]

Additional Training