Research Conflict of Interest Committee Membership Roster

Chair: Charles Wade, PhD,  McGovern Medical School

Vice-ChairSusan Laing, MD,  McGovern Medical School


Nathan Carlin, PhD,  McGovern Medical School

Vasanthi Jayaraman, PhD,  McGovern Medical School

Todd Johnson, PhD,  School of Biomedical Informatics

Lillian Kao, MD, McGovern Medical School

Nami McCarty, PhD,  McGovern Medical School

Donna Meyer, PhD,  Community Representative

Isaac D. Montoya, PhD,  Community Representative

Steven Norris, PhD,  McGovern Medical School

Luis Ostrosky, MD, McGovern Medical School

Melissa Peskin, PhD,  School of Public Health

Diane Santa Maria, DrPH, MSN,  School of Nursing

Renato Silva, DDS, MS, PhD, School of Dentistry

Clifford Stephan, PhD,  Community Representative


Ex Officio Members (non-voting):

George Stancel, PhD,  Senior Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs

Michael Blackburn, PhD, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Sujatha Sridhar, MBBS,  Executive Director, Research Compliance, Education & Support Services

Bruce Butler, PhD, Vice President, Office of Technology Management

Cynthia Edmonds, MLA,  Director, Office of Research Support Committees

Kathleen Kreidler, Associate Vice President, Sponsored Projects Administration

William LeMaistre, JD,  Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

Meredith Moore, PhD,  Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Daniel Reat, JD, Chief Legal Officer ad interim