RCOI Education Requirement

UTHealth Policy (HOOP 94) requires that all Covered Individuals on all research proposals and projects complete approved training on research conflicts of interest. For the purposes of this Policy, Covered Individuals are identified by the Principal Investigator as those individuals who, regardless of title or position, are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. These Covered Individuals are members of the university community that include, but are not limited to, full and part time faculty, visiting scientists, staff, and trainees (e.g., they might include research nurses, research coordinators, data managers, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows).

  • The training must be completed prior to participation in research and every two years thereafter.
  • This educational requirement is met by completing the “Conflicts of Interest” training module that is included in the mandatory UTHealth Compliance Training for all employees.  
  • Once you have completed the training you are encouraged to print a completion certificate for your own records.
  • When you submit a Research Conflict of Interest Certification Form with research or protocol applications, you will be certifying that you have completed this required education.
  • UTHealth will monitor compliance to this mandatory training requirement.
  • Covered Individuals who are not UTHealth employees and have not taken an approved RCOI training course through another source (e.g., their own institution or company) may access a training module that UTHealth maintains for this purpose on the CITI website for this purpose (see below).

RCOI Training Module Available for Individuals who are not UTHealth Employees

If you are a Covered Individual on UTHealth research but do not have access to the UTHealth RCOI training module in the university's mandatory compliance training, and have not taken approved RCOI training through another source (e.g., your own institution or company), you may use the CITI site and access the UTHealth module "Conflicts of Interest in Research Training" to satisfy the requirement.

CITI website.

“CITI” is the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative” website managed by the University of Miami and utilized by numerous universities to facilitate various training requirements in the research field.  

Anyone who wishes to take additional education on research conflicts of interest may also complete the course.

Please note that UTHealth employees may not use this module to satisfy the RCOI training requirement.