The University of Texas Board of Regents

The Board of Regents, the governing body for The University of Texas System, is composed of nine members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Terms for Regents are scheduled for six years each and staggered so that three members' terms will usually expire on February 1 in odd-numbered years. In addition, the Governor appoints a Student Regent for a one-year term that expires on May 31.

Throughout the more than 100-year history of The U. T. System, the Board has been composed of dedicated and distinguished Texans who have been strong advocates of excellence in academic programs, scientific inquiry, and responsible public service. 


Paul L. Foster, Chairman

Wm. Eugene Powell, Vice Chairman

R. Steven Hicks, Vice Chairman

Francie A. Frederick, General Counsel to the Board of Regents

Student Regent with term to expire May 31, 2014

Nash M. Horne

Members with term set to expire February 1, 2015

R. Steven Hicks

Wm. Eugene Powell

Robert L. Stillwell

Members with term set to expire February 1, 2017

Alex M. Cranberg

Wallace L. Hall, Jr.

Brenda Pejovich

Members with term set to expire February 1, 2019

Paul L. Foster

Ernest Aliseda

Jeffrey D. Hildebrand

Each Regent's term expires when a successor has been appointed, qualified, and taken the oath of office. The Student Regent serves a one-year term.