Philanthropy at the University


An endowed professorship recognizes rising stars and supports outstanding mid-career faculty. Funds from this type of endowment are typically used to help further research and teaching in areas of critical importance in the school. Endowed professorships help The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston encourage and retain the most talented faculty in the country. A $100,000 gift is required to establish a Professorship endowment.

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Below is the current list of endowed professorships:

Endowment TitleFaculty HolderSchoolEndowment Established
A.G. McNeese, Jr. Professorship in Ophthalmology Nicholas P. Bell, M.D. Medical School 2/14/1991
Adriana Blood Professorship in Neurology Ian Butler, M.D. Medical School 12/8/2006
Alfred W. Lasher III Professorship Helen A. Mintz-Hittner, M.D. Medical School 9/18/2000
Allan King Professorship in Public Health Susan Tortolero, Ph.D. School of Public Health 8/13/1987
Bartels Family Professorship in Neurology Jerry S. Wolinsky, M.D. Medical School 5/7/1999
Becker Family Foundation Professorship in Diabetes Research Qingchun Tong, Ph.D. Medical School 8/31/2004
Betty Wheless Trotter Professorship Yun-Xin Fu, Ph.D. School of Public Health 10/23/1980
Blair Justice, Ph.D. Professorship in Mind-Body Medicine and Public Health Sally W. Vernon, Ph.D. School of Public Health 11/6/1998
Dan and Lillie Sterling Professorship in Clinical Gastroenterology Michael B. Fallon, M.D. Medical School 11/6/1998
David R. Park Professorship in Pediatric Medicine Eric C. Eichenwald, M.D. Medical School 12/10/1981
Daniel C. West, D.D.S. Endowed Professorship in Orthodontics Kathleen R. McGrory, DDS, MS School of Dentistry 1/9/2012
Doan-Huynh-Le Endowed Professorship in General Dentistry Vacant School of Dentistry 1/6/2012
Dr. and Mrs. Carl V. Vartian Professorship in Infectious Diseases Charles D. Ericsson, M.D. Medical School 11/13/2006
Dr. Doris L. Ross Professorship Jiajie Zhang, Ph.D. School of Biomedical Informatics 6/9/2006
Dr. John T. Armstrong Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology Vacant Medical School 12/13/1984
Emma Sue Hightower Development Board Professorship in Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences Sean C. Blackwell, M.D. Medical School 6/16/1983
Endowed Professorship in Forensic Pathology Luis A. Sanchez, M.D. Medical School 12/1/1994
Ernest L. Kurth, Jr. Professorship Vacant Medical School 9/18/2000
Frank B. Trice, D.D.S. Professorship in Endodontics Samuel O. Dorn, D.D.S. School of Dentistry 7/18/2011
George McMillan Fleming Professorship in Health Administration J. Michael Swint, Ph.D. School of Public Health 8/3/2005
George S. Bruce, Jr. Professorship in Arthritis & Other Rheumatic Diseases John D. Reveille, M.D. Medical School 6/10/1993
Gibson and Martha Gayle Professorship Alice Z. Chuang, Ph.D. Medical School 9/11/2000
Griff T. Ross Professorship in Humanities and Technology in Health Care Eric J. Thomas, M.D. MPH Medical School 5/30/1984
J. Ralph Meadows Professorship in Internal Medicine Barbara E. Murray, M.D. Medical School 8/10/1989
James H. Steele, DVM Professorship Joseph B. McCormick, M.D. School of Public Health 10/16/1996
James W. Rockwell Professorship in Public Health (Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology) Vacant School of Public Health 11/11/1977
Jane Dale Owen Professorship in Environmental Health Protection Sharon P. Cooper, Ph.D. School of Public Health 8/29/2008
Jay Brent Sterling Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine Richard W. Smalling, M.D., Ph.D. Medical School 7/11/1997
John B. Holmes Professorship in the Clinical Sciences James Duke Jr., M.D. Medical School 6/10/1982
John M. Powers, Ph.D. Professorship in Oral Biomaterials Vacant School of Dentistry 3/20/2013
John P. McGovern Professorship in Health Promotion Deanna M. Hoelscher, Ph.D. School of Public Health 12/10/1981
John P. McGovern Professorship in Oslerian Medicine Bryant Boutwell, Dr. P.H. Medical School 8/7/2003
Josey Professorship in Dermatology Ronald P. Rapini, M.D. Medical School 6/5/1975
Kraft W. Eidman Development Board Professorship in the Medical Sciences Jeremy D. Slater, M.D. Medical School 6/16/1983
Levit Family Professorship in the Neurosciences Jack C. Waymire, Ph.D. Medical School 3/27/1997
Louis A. Faillace, M.D. Professorship Joy M. Schmitz, Ph.D. Medical School 12/20/2001
Judy Fred Professorship in Nursing Joan Engebretson, DrPH, RN, AHN-BC School of Nursing 5/12/2010
Margaret A. Barnett/PARTNERS Professorship in Nursing Nancy H. Busen, Ph.D., R.N. School of Nursing 7/24/2008
Michael Matthew Knight Memorial Professorship in Pediatrics Susan Landry, Ph.D. Medical School 5/7/1999
Opal C. Rankin Professorship in Neurology Jerry Wolinsky, M.D. Medical School 1/24/2005
PARTNERS Endowed Professorship in Nursing Dr. Thomas Mackey School of Nursing 3/8/2007
PARTNERS Professorship Cathy L. Rozmus, DSN, RN School of Nursing 7/14/2011
Patricia L. Starck/PARTNERS Endowed Professorship in Nursing Joanne V. Hickey, Ph.D. School of Nursing 6/29/2007
Richard Warren Mithoff Professorship in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine Kathleen Kennedy, M.D., M.P.H. Medical School 10/10/1985
Robert Greer Professorship in the Biomedical Sciences Steve J. Norris, Ph.D. Medical School 10/9/1986
Robert H. Graham Professorship in Entrepreneurial Biomedical Informatics and Bioengineering Hua Xu, Ph.D. School of Biomedical Informatics 1/13/2010
Robert K. Creasy, M.D. Professorship in OB/GYN Allan R. Katz, M.D. Medical School 8/23/1996
Stephen A. Lasher Professorship Judianne Kellaway, M.D. Medical School 9/18/2000
Suzie Conway Endowed Professorship in Nursing Vacant School of Nursing 1/7/2009
The Berel Held, M.D. Professorship in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Sean C. Blackwell, M.D. Medical School 10/7/1988
The Carolyn Frost Keenan Professorship in Cardiovascular Disease Research Sun Kuk Kwon, Ph.D. Medical School 11/24/2003
The Patti Jayne Ross Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology Patti Jayne Ross, M.D. Medical School 1/20/2004
The William N. Finnegan III Development Board Professorship in the Dental Sciences John A. Valenza, D.D.S. School of Dentistry 4/11/1985
Theodore J. and Mary E. Trumble Professorship in Aging Research Nancy Bergstrom, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N. School of Nursing 8/11/1994
Theodore R. and Maureen O'Driscoll Levy Endowed Professorship in Cardiology Research Francisco Fuentes, M.D. Medical School 1/2/1996
Thomas Stull Matney, Ph.D. Endowed Professorship in Cancer Genetics Mark T. Bedford, Ph.D. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 8/31/2006
Thomas Stull Matney, Ph.D. Endowed Professorship in Environmental and Genetic Sciences Stephen P. Daiger, Ph.D. School of Public Health 9/30/2002
W. Bonham Magness, D.D.S. Endowed Professorship in Orthodontics Vacant School of Dentistry 3/19/2014
Walter and Ruth Sterling Professorship in Opthalmology Nan Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Medical School 10/11/1991
William M. Wheless, III Professorship in the Biomedical Sciences M. Neal Waxham, Ph.D. Medical School 2/12/1987