• "I wanted to do something that was significant in a way that was appropriate for me and my family."---- Phil and Suzie Conway interview
  • "Our endowed legacy for exceptional international students, we think, will celebrate the power of education and can make the difference in the lives of many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to gain a further education."--Harry Gee
  • "I get to see many exciting potential discoveries or potential for discoveries."--Charles Tate
  • "This has given me such joy, to know that somebody is smiling and I had a small part in that."--Evelyn Howell
  • "To me, there is nothing more important in life than to have the funds available for these doctors."--Linda Finger
  • "All of our sources of revenue are important, but philanthropic funding fills a unique role. Some of our most innovative work just couldn’t be done without the foresight and generosity of donors."--Kevin Dillon
  • "How often in your life do you have an opportunity to give a gift to mankind?"--Rodney Margolis

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