Policy Number: 16

Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Earnings Statements


Paychecks and direct deposit earnings statements


Employees and student appointees

Date Reviewed: November 2007

Responsible Office: Payroll Office

Responsible Executive: Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The Payroll Office will prepare paychecks and direct deposit earnings statements for the employees and student appointees of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") according to the following schedule:

If a scheduled payday happens to fall on a Saturday or Sunday, checks will be distributed on the following Monday. If a payday falls on a holiday, checks will be distributed on the following work day.

No checks will be issued prior to a scheduled payday, and advances against earnings will not be allowed.

If the employee's or student appointee's appointment or separation cannot be processed by the deadline for the regularly scheduled payroll, the paycheck will be processed in the following payroll.


A. Paycheck Correction

Every administrative department and school has a designated contact individual to act as liaison between itself and the Payroll Office in the event of a payroll discrepancy. The liaison may receive reports of payroll discrepancies either directly from employees and student appointees or through departmental representatives, depending on local procedures. In either case, responsibility for contact with the Payroll Office resides solely with the designated liaison. After notification and confirmation, the Payroll Office will take appropriate action to correct discrepancies.

If the Payroll Office discovers an error in the paycheck of an employee or student appointee, it will notify that person, through the designated liaison for the person's department, of the error at the time of discovery and compensate for the error by modifying the amount of the individual's next paycheck accordingly.

If an error is discovered in the payroll record of a separated individual, the university will notify that person by letter of the amount of the discrepancy (whether overpayment or underpayment) and arrange for correction.

B. Direct Deposit

All employees may participate in electronic funds transfer, known as direct deposit, by completing the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form. Employees must attach deposit tickets for each account indicated on the form and return the form and the deposit tickets to the Payroll Office.

Enrollment begins with a 14-day pre-notification period in which bank numbers and account numbers are verified through the Federal Reserve banking process. At the end of the 14-day period, when there are no rejections, the next payroll will be direct deposited.

C. Final Paychecks

The supervisor of an employee who is separating from the university (or of a student appointee whose appointment has ended) will initiate a termination personnel action (PA) on behalf of the individual. The individual will be issued his or her final paycheck in the next payroll after an approved termination PA is processed.

The last payroll check for a separated employee (or for a student appointee whose appointment has ended) may be obtained in the Payroll Office  (University Center Tower, 10th floor, 7000 Fannin); it will be released to the individual only after the individual has furnished proof of identification. Other arrangements for mailing the final check may be made at the Benefits exit interview. (Refer to the Guidelines for Separation of an Employee on the Human Resources website.)

Employees who are eligible and who have vacation hours remaining when they terminate will be paid a lump-sum payment for the remaining hours. The payment is based on an hourly rate calculation as prescribed by the State Comptroller's Office. After departments verify vacation hours, this information is forwarded to Payroll. Payment of lump-sum vacation will be made on the next scheduled semi-monthly payroll after all regular salary payments have been made.

One-half of the sick leave balance (up to 336 hours maximum) is paid to the estate of an employee who dies while employed. The same method is used to calculate the payment for sick leave as is used for payment for vacation hours.


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