Policy Number: 26

Achievement Award Program


Achievement Award Program


All employees

Date Reviewed: February 2014

Responsible Office: Human Resources

Responsible Executive: Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") uses an Achievement Award Program ("AAP") as part of its total employee compensation strategy. The purpose of the AAP is to provide an incentive, in the form of a one-time payment, to eligible employees for attaining measurable group goals above and beyond normal job duties that support the university's mission and objectives. The use of an AAP as an incentive tool is at the discretion of the head of each project or department, or the President for university-wide programs. An AAP is prospective in nature and is based on meeting specific criteria and outcomes for projects to be completed in the future; it is not a bonus for past performance. Achievement award payments are one-time payments that do not become part of an employee's recurring base salary. These awards supplement and do not replace the university's base pay or merit pay programs.


A. Guidelines

AAPs must comply with the following guidelines:

B. Program Review and Approval

The head of the project or department is responsible for the operation of the AAP within the project or department and for its compliance with all relevant guidelines. Each AAP must be approved by the head of the project or department. A university-wide AAP requires the President's approval.  A copy of the AAP must be submitted to Human Resources upon approval of the program.

The AAP must be reviewed and evaluated at least annually by the head of the project or department to ensure the program's goals are achieved and to determine whether the program will be changed or continued. Each project manager or department is responsible for maintaining the AAP form(s) and supporting documentation.

The President reserves the right to change or terminate an AAP at any time. Eligible employees will be notified by the head of the project or department of any changes to the AAP.


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