Policy Number: 42

Faculty Organization


Interfaculty Council


Faculty Members

Date Reviewed: July 2014

Responsible Office: Office of Academic and Research Affairs

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs


Faculty have a major role in the governance of their respective institutions in the areas and ways detailed in Rule 40101 of The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations. To fulfill these duties, the faculty have formed governance organizations at both the institutional level and the individual school level.

The Interfaculty Council (“IFC”) serves as the institutional faculty governance organization and acts as an advisory body to the President. The primary purposes of the IFC are to increase communication among and between the faculty and the administration and to promote matters of importance to the faculty at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”). The IFC addresses issues related to faculty governance and academic affairs; faculty status, rights and responsibilities; and administrative affairs. The IFC maintains an active liaison with the university administration, the school-based faculty governance organizations, and the UT System Faculty Advisory Council. The Resources tab contains a link to the Bylaws of the Interfaculty Council and the bylaws of the school-based faculty governance organizations.


All faculty bylaws are subject to the approval of the faculty members involved, the appropriate dean and the President or executive designee.


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