Policy Number: 59

Sexual Assault - Students


Reporting of sexual assault of students



Date Reviewed: February 2008

Responsible Office: Academic and Research Affairs

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”) seeks to provide a campus environment free from inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature including sexual assault.

For the purposes of this policy, sexual assault is defined according to the definition for sexual assault stated in Section 22.011 of the Texas Penal Code. Generally, this definition describes sexual assault as forcible or non-forcible sexual activity that occurs when one person threatens, or uses violence or coercion to cause another person to participate in any type of oral, anal, vaginal or other sexual act.


Any student who has been the victim of sexual assault on the university campus should immediately contact The University of Texas Police Department by calling (713) 792-2890. Students may also contact the Houston Police by calling 911, or may be assisted by UT police in contacting Houston police. It is important to contact authorities immediately to aid in conducting a complete investigation and preserve evidence. University employees will assist a student to contact these authorities upon request. The University of Texas Health Services (713-500-3267) as well as the Hermann Hospital Emergency Room (704-4060) make available the services of medical personnel specially trained in treating victims of sexual assault.

Students alleging sexual assault may file a complaint with the dean of student affairs from their school or with the Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs. Disciplinary proceedings that may take place pursuant to this policy will be conducted in accordance with HOOP Policies 186 Student Conduct and Discipline187 Discipline and Dismissal of Classified Employees, or 133 Faculty Termination. Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceedings alleging sexual assault. Disciplinary action against anyone who perpetrates a sexual assault may include dismissal or termination, as appropriate.

The university will assist any student who allegedly has been the victim of a sexual assault in exercising the option to change academic and on-campus living situations after an incident at the victim's request and if such changes are reasonably available.

The following resources provide to students materials and information that promote awareness about the crime of sexual assault, explain steps that can be taken to prevent this crime, and explain the university's position regarding the rights of both a complainant and accused in a sexual assault complaint:


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