Policy Number: 78

Purchase of Animals


Purchase of live animals



Date Reviewed: February 2008

Responsible Office: Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care; Procurement Services

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs; Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") requires all requisitions for purchasing live animals be approved by the Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care ("CLAMC"), located in the Medical School. CLAMC staff must verify that space, facilities and supplies are available for the care of animals before they are ordered. All requests sent to the CLAMC to purchase animals must be accompanied by an approved Animal Welfare Committee protocol number.

The requesting department must secure the approval of the CLAMC before submitting a requisition to Procurement. Departments may order animals on a small order purchase up to $5,000. Orders of less than $5,000 must also be referred to the CLAMC office for approval.

When a blanket order exists, departments must clear all shipments released against that order through the CLAMC. The CLAMC office is responsible for contacting the vendor to authorize shipment against blanket orders.


Departments requesting the purchase of animals must key a requisition transaction in the financial management system. Once the requisition is approved by CLAMC, a CLAMC Laboratory Animal Request Form must be filled out by the requesting department and faxed or delivered to the CLAMC office.

When a buyer receives a requisition for the purchase of animals, he or she will determine if the requisition has been approved by CLAMC. When the approval does not exist, the buyer will apply a "hold" status to the requisition and will not process the purchase order.

The CLAMC office forwards all requisition document identification numbers that have been approved for purchase to the Procurement buyer. When the buyer receives the approvals from the CLAMC office, the vendor will be contacted to confirm price, shipping costs and delivery dates. The buyer will key the appropriate transaction into the financial management system.

The processing time on blanket animal orders is normally one to two days after approval of CLAMC has been secured.


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