Policy Number: 81

Enhancements to Non-University Property


Enhancements to property not belonging to the university



Date Reviewed: November 2012

Responsible Office: Procurement Services

Responsible Executive: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") is affiliated with other institutions, such as Hermann Hospital and the LBJ Hospital, that serve as teaching institutions for university students. Because of its affiliations with these institutions, the university may occasionally be required to fund changes or enhancements to the property of the other institution.

Requests for enhancements to property not belonging to the university will not be processed without prior approval from the Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer ("COO/CFO") and the authorized administrative officer of the other institution.


The requesting department must provide a letter of explanation to Procurement explaining in detail the intended actions and the anticipated benefits of the enhancement. The letter must reflect the authorized signatures for approval from both institutions.

The department must secure the written approval of the COO/CFO and the authorized signature from the other institution.

The buyer will review the requisition and if the requirements listed above have been satisfactorily met, the buyer will process the requisition in accordance with competitive bid procedures or sole source procedures.


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