Handbook of Operating Procedures

Reporting Criminal Activity on Campus

Policy Number: 87


Reporting criminal activity


Employees and students

Date Reviewed:
March 2008
Responsible Office:
The University of Texas Police - Houston
Responsible Executive:
Chief of Police


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") collects specified information on campus crime statistics and security measures and reports this information to all students, employees and interested persons.


A. Reporting of Crimes to The University of Texas Police - Houston ("UTP-H") by Campus Officials

The following individuals are required to report crimes and offenses to UTP-H, if UTP-H has not already been made aware of the crime or offense:

  • Department chairs, supervisors and designated school authorities responsible for student conduct, who take disciplinary action against employees and students for conduct involving alcohol, drug or weapon violations, which are also a violation of the law, and for which a sanction may be imposed.
  • Any member of the university community to whom a criminal offense is reported by an employee or student. Licensed professional counselors employed by the university may be exempted from this requirement.
  • Any university official who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including a faculty advisor to a student group.

B. Annual Security Report

Every September, UTP-H will publish and distribute an annual report of campus security policies and crime statistics to all current students and employees and will submit a copy of the report to the Secretary of Education. The Registrar will provide notice of the availability of the report to prospective students. Human Resources will provide notice of the availability of the report to prospective employees. Additionally, each school will post notice of the report on their websites. Upon request, UTP-H will provide a full copy of the report to prospective students, employees or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The annual campus crime statistics report will include all information required by law.

C. Record-keeping Requirements

UTP-H will retain the records on crime statistics for three years following the last year the information was included in the annual report.

D. Campus Crime Log

UTP-H will keep a daily log that records crimes by their nature, date, time, general location and disposition of complaint. The crime log for the most recent 60-day period is open to public inspection during normal business hours. UTP-H will make any portion of the log older than 60 days available within two business days of a request. Disclosure of the log will not be made if release of the information would:

  • be prohibited by law;
  • jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim;
  • jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation;
  • jeopardize the safety of an individual;
  • cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or,
  • result in the destruction of evidence.


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The University of Texas Police Department

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