Handbook of Operating Procedures

Editorial, Graphic, Web and Signage Standards

Policy Number: 116


Imagery and representations of the university


Employees and students

Date Reviewed:
July 2008
Responsible Office:
Office of Advancement
Responsible Executive:
Vice President, Advancement


Appropriate imagery and representations of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”) are critical to the effective communication of the university’s image to both internal and external audiences. When the university's identity is unclear or confused with that of other institutions, the university is deprived of opportunities to promote and celebrate the accomplishments and breadth and scope of the activities of its employees and students.

All uses of the university’s name and graphic imagery must comply with the university’s Editorial, Graphic, Web and Signage Standards. Exceptions may be granted with the approval of the Office of Institutional Advancement and the President or the appropriate dean/unit head.

The name, logo and seal of the university are registered trademarks and cannot be used on merchandise unless authorized. Refer to HOOP Policy 8 Use of the University Name or Logo on Merchandise for more information.

No independent logos or images are allowed to represent schools, departments or entities of the institution unless prior written approval is obtained from Institutional Advancement.

A. Scope

This policy applies to all employees and students as they represent various roles, activities and responsibilities associated with the university. (See also HOOP Policies 20 Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities and 38 Political Activity.)

This policy applies to all communication media including, but not limited to, printed materials; digitally recorded or presented materials (including those published on the World Wide Web); three-dimensional representations (such as signage, vehicular signs, uniforms, special promotion items); and statements and/or interviews developed or offered by employees and students for representation of their role or work within the university. This policy applies to representations made by or about employees or students for/with clinical and other organizations affiliated with the university in terms of publications of these organizations directed toward both their internal and external constituencies.


It is the responsibility of each employee and student to ensure communications with which she or he is associated such as stationery, business cards, web pages, signage and any other graphic representation of university activities, conform to the university’s Graphic Standards.

While the university realizes it is not always possible for employees and students to ensure appropriate representation or attribution is given in print or recorded media, it is the employee’s or student’s responsibility to provide accurate attribution information and urge its proper use to the greatest extent possible.

Employees and students will take care to assure appropriate attribution information is communicated accurately to any representative of the public media; included in bylines appended to any paper submitted for potential publication in any scientific or medical journal or book; included in bylines on materials presented in abstract form or referring to his or her identification as a university employee or student; and included in any information in promotional or other material related to a presentation at a local, national, or international meeting.

All news releases involving university employees or students must comply with the terms of this policy, and must be endorsed by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement before dissemination to the media.

Employees and students are encouraged to include the entire logo (image and typography) on the first and last slides (or other media) of any academic, scientific or other presentations relating to work or study at the university.

The university recognizes the need to adhere to the copyrights law that may apply to any outside material incorporated into any motion picture, photograph, video or audio recording. (See HOOP Policy 6 Photographic, Audio and Visual Recordings.)


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