Policy Number: 143



Recruitment of new employees



Date Reviewed: November 2008

Responsible Office: Academic and Research Affairs; Human Resources

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs; Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


It is the policy of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”) to employ qualified individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status. Refer to HOOP Policy 183 Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Harassment.

For guidelines regarding the recruitment of classified positions, refer to the Supervisor Resources.

For guidelines regarding the recruitment of management administrative and professional and faculty positions, refer to the Recruiting a Diverse Workforce Guidelines and the Guidelines for the Recruitment of Academic Administrators.

For guidelines regarding the use of search firms, refer to the Guidelines for the Use of Search Firms.

Prospective employees or candidates may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses related to the interview and/or relocation process. Refer to the Employee Reimbursement Team’s website for detailed information and procedures.

All prospective employees must fulfill and maintain all eligibility and identity requirements in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws in accordance with HOOP Policy 14 Employment Eligibility.


ContactTelephoneEmail/Web Address
Office of Academic and Research Affairs (faculty and academic administrative and professional recruits) 713-500-3062



Human Resources (classified and management administrative and professional recruits) 713-500-3130 http://www.uth.edu/hr/contact.htm