Handbook of Operating Procedures

Termination of Employment: Administrative and Professional

Policy Number: 153


Termination of administrative and professional employees


Administrative and professional employees

Date Reviewed:
January 2009
Responsible Office:
Human Resources; Applicable Unit Head's Office
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; Applicable Unit Head


At The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”), all administrative and professional staff serve at the discretion and pleasure of the President. This oversight is delegated to the administrative supervisors by the President.

Suitability for continued employment and financial necessities that may result in a decision to terminate an administrative and professional employee are determined by the administrative supervisor. Many factors contribute to an individual's suitability for a particular position. They include, but are not limited to, adaptability to established departmental performance patterns; compatibility with colleagues and superiors; and performance of job as defined in a position description and performance appraisals.

When an immediate supervisor concludes that an administrative and professional staff member will no longer be employed, she or he should follow the procedure described below.


A. Management Administrative and Professional

After a decision has been made to terminate the employment of an individual in a management administrative and professional position, the administrative supervisor should prepare a memorandum to the President that documents the situation.

The memorandum should be routed to the Vice President of Human Resources for review. After review by Human Resources, the administrative supervisor should route the memorandum to the President (or designee) through the head of the concerned operating unit. Other executive vice presidents should be notified when applicable. Once the decision to terminate an administrative and professional staff member's employment is approved by the President (or designee), the head of the department must do the following:

  • consult with Human Resources for guidance with the termination meeting;
  • meet with the individual to discuss the separation; and
  • refer the individual to benefits for an exit interview.

The terms of separation may vary from employee to employee based on a variety of factors that include, but are not limited to, reasons for termination and length of the employee's service to the university.

B. Academic Administrative and Professional

Academic administrative and professional employees must hold a faculty appointment. See HOOP Policy 150 Administrative and Professional and Classified Employee Job Classifications. If a decision is made to remove administrative responsibilities from an employee who holds an academic administrative and professional appointment, the administrative supervisor should prepare a memorandum to the administrative head of the unit, as applicable, and to the President, or designee. Both the administrative head of the unit and the President, or designee, must approve the removal of the individual from the academic administrative and professional appointment. The affected employee may lose an administrative supplement, dependent upon the situation.


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