Handbook of Operating Procedures

Internal Applicants

Policy Number: 156


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Classified and management administrative and professional employees

Date Reviewed:
April 2009
Responsible Office:
Human Resources
Responsible Executive:
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


It is the policy of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") to ensure all eligible employees have an opportunity to be considered for any vacant positions for which they qualify.


When a vacancy occurs within a department, that department may first consider those employees within the department who possess the credentials and experience required for the position. If the hiring manager chooses to consider only candidates within his/her respective department, the hiring manager must communicate the vacancy to all employees within the department. This can be accomplished either by e-mailing the position opportunity to all employees within the department or by posting it on an internal departmental bulletin board or website. An employee within the hiring department may consult directly with the hiring manager to convey his/her interest in consideration for the position. If an employee within the department is identified as a final candidate, Human Resources must be consulted.

In those instances in which the hiring manager decides to consider candidates outside the department, Human Resources should be consulted to coordinate the recruitment of the vacancy.

Internal applicants outside of the hiring department must complete an Application for Employment for consideration. Supervisory approval is not required. HR will assess the internal candidate's qualifications with the established minimum requirements of the desired position. If minimum requirements for the position are met, HR will refer the internal candidate's application for the hiring manager’s consideration.

The final decision of whether to select the employee rests with the hiring manager.

For an internal candidate selected as a final candidate who meets the minimum requirements of the desired position, HR provides salary guidance. Criteria to be utilized in the salary guidance include experience, education, and internal and external equity. HR will extend the job offer. Job offers are not valid unless extended by HR. Upon acceptance of the offer, HR will coordinate the effective transfer date.

Two weeks' notice is generally required if an employee is transferring from one department to another. Exceptions to this requirement must be mutually agreed upon by both the hiring and current managers. The current manager is responsible for providing to the hiring manager the necessary information regarding the transferring employee. If a non-exempt employee is accepted for a transfer to another department, any compensatory or overtime balance must be used or paid before the transfer effective date. The hiring department is responsible for submitting the Personnel Action Form to the System Data Resources Team reflecting the employee's transfer.

A classified employee accepted for a transfer to another department will be subject to a new probationary period within the new position (refer to HOOP Policy 152 Probationary Period-Classified Employees).


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