Policy Number: 167

Student Employment Appointments


Student Appointments



Date Reviewed: May 2009

Responsible Office: Appropriate Dean's Office

Responsible Executive: Appropriate Dean


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") offers student appointment opportunities for individuals who are enrolled in a degree or certification program at the university or another University of Texas institution. Since the student's primary objectives at the university are academic, the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled is responsible for authorizing student appointments under the terms of this policy. Opportunities of this kind are subject to the availability of funds.

Student appointees are not eligible to receive paid leaves or holidays. They are also excluded from participation in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, the Optional Retirement Program, and the Tax Sheltered Annuity Program. Student appointees are subject to other applicable employment related policies. Students with student appointments of at least 50 percent time for four and one-half months or more become eligible to participate in the university group insurances and UTFLEX.

Out of state students employed as student assistants with academic duties in teaching or research programs of the university who are employed for at least one-half time on or before the official census date of a term are eligible for in-state tuition rates for that term if their employment relates to the student's degree program. Employment must be for the duration of the period of enrollment for which the in-state tuition is awarded.

Note: Students may be employed either as student appointees (see the Student Job Titles listed on the Human Resources web site) or as classified employees (see Classified Compensation Plan). Alternatively, students may receive financial support in the form of a stipend. (For additional information on stipends, see HOOP Policy 140 Stipends.)

Student appointments are to be distinguished from regular classified employment opportunities within the university which are classified according to the Classified Compensation Plan. A student who desires to be considered for a regular classified position with the university must apply on the same competitive basis as any other applicant and comply with all the terms and conditions of regular employment.


Procedures for initiating a request for student appointment vary from one school to another. Inquiries should be directed to the office of the appropriate dean.

Student appointments are accomplished through the same automated processes as any other appointment. The personnel action transaction must have all required approvals before the student can be officially appointed. The student must complete the pre-employment process with Human Resources and attend New Employee Orientation. All non-US students must clear their employment eligibility with the Office of International Affairs before beginning any employment. (Refer to HOOP Policy 14 Employment Eligibility.)


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