Policy Number: 197

Requesting Professional Services


Professional service requests



Date Reviewed: March 2003

Responsible Office: Finance and Business Services

Responsible Executive: Vice President, Finance and Business Services


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ("university") uses the professional expertise of individuals external to the university only when those services cannot be provided by members of the university community.

"Professional service" relationships include those between a university department and guest lecturer or between a university researcher and a research collaborator from another institution; professional services relationships do not include formal and ongoing relationships such as those with an external consultant. (Refer to HOOP Policy 196 Purchase of Consultant Services and the Contracts and Grants Manual for more information on consultant services.)

Professional services relationships may only be with individuals, not a corporation or business. Total business expenditures with any one individual under the terms of this policy may not exceed $15,000 in any fiscal year.

Remuneration for professional services that normally occur at the university may not exceed $500 per day plus travel expenses. Payments for professional services may be made from general funds; however, any fee in excess of $500 per day may not be made with general funds. A department must request and justify in writing any request for compensation that exceeds the specified allowable limits. This request must accompany the request for professional services form submitted to the Employee Reimbursement Office.


A. Non-UT System Personnel at the University

The dean, department head, or program director selects the most qualified individual available to provide the required services. After this selection has been made, the dean, department head, or program director executes a contract for professional services. All services are to be contracted in the name of the university.

A request for reimbursement of completed services is to be submitted to the Employee Reimbursement Office using a State of Texas purchase voucher. The voucher must be supported by an accounting of the hourly or daily rate of compensation. The form is to be signed by the provider of the service or by two individuals from the department and accompanied by all original receipts for travel and lodging.

B. UT System Personnel at the University

When an individual rendering professional services is a member of another component of The University of Texas System, the prior written approval of the other component's president and of the university president are required when the university is paying an honorarium. The dean, department head, or program director drafts a request for approval to be submitted along with the request for professional services form for signature and approval of the presidents of both components.

As a general rule, fees paid to personnel from other UT System components are limited to the expenses actually incurred in preparing or performing services; however, an exception applies when the individual is formally participating in an approved continuing education course, or is appointed to an established, named, visiting professorship or lectureship. Under these circumstances, the individual will be compensated as described in the policy overview, above.

If the individual's performance is truly remarkable, so that remuneration in excess of the normal rate is sought, written approval for such an exception is to be obtained from the presidents of both institutions prior to payment. This exception is to be included in the presidents' approval letter referenced above. All travel expenses to members of component institutions must be in accordance with institutional travel policies, and be subject to all rules and limitations placed on various fund sources.

The university will reimburse travel expenses of an individual from another UT component that is rendering professional services at the university when the other component is not paying the individual's travel expenses. Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to the UT travel policy in affect for the fund source used. If the university is paying for travel expenses, the individual from the other component must provide a no cost request for travel authorization or a copy of a vacation request from the individual's institution, which is to be attached to the payment request.


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