Policy Number: 207

Missing Student Notification


Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.


Students housed in on-campus residential housing facilities.

Date Reviewed: September 2011

Responsible Office: Auxiliary Enterprises

Responsible Executive: Vice President and Chief Auxiliary Enterprises Officer


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (“university”) complies with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires that any institution of higher education that participates in any Title IV program and that maintains an on-campus housing facility must establish, for students of the institution who reside in such housing facility, both a policy and procedures for notification regarding missing students.

Confidential Contact Person 

Students have the option to identify a “Confidential Contact Person” to be registered with the university who is to be contacted not later than 24 hours of a determination that the Student is missing, in accordance with the Procedure set forth in Section III.  For purposes of this policy, the Confidential Contact Person information must be provided to the office of the Director, University Housing.  Students may register such information in person at any time during normal business hours of the office of the Director, University Housing.  Such designations will remain in effect until such time as the Student changes or revokes the designation, is no longer enrolled as a student at the university, ceases to reside in the Residential Facilities, or otherwise no longer qualifies as a “Student.”  Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement agencies, as listed in the procedures below, in the furtherance of the missing Student investigation, shall have access to such contact information.

Determination that a Student is Missing 

For purposes of this policy, a Student shall be determined to be missing upon the receipt of a credible missing person report by one of the persons or organizations listed in the Procedure set forth in III.A.    

Notification to Confidential Contact Person  

Notification to a Confidential Contact Person designated by a Student who has been determined to be missing shall be in accordance with the Procedure set forth in Section III.B(4). 


“Residential Facilities” means university-owned on-campus residential facilities located on the university’s campus.

“Student” means any student of the University who is lawfully residing in the Residential Facilities and whom the office of University Housing has been previously apprised in writing is a university student, with proof thereof.


A.        Reporting Missing Students

Any individual who has information that a Student may be a missing person should report it to one of the authorized persons or organizations immediately.  The following are authorized persons or organizations at the university to whom individuals may report that a Student is missing, including whether the Student has been missing for more than 24 hours:

  1. The University of Texas at Houston Police Department (“UT Police”);
  2. The Dean of the Student’s respective school;
  3. The Office of Student Affairs (or comparable department) of the Student’s respective school; and
  4. Director, University Housing.

B.        Investigating a Missing Student Report. 

  1. The missing person report will be immediately referred to UT Police if they have not already been notified. 
  2. UT Police will investigate the missing person report and will consider such factors as whether the Student has been absent for a prolonged period of time from the university campus and facilities, whether such absence is contrary to the Student’s known usual pattern of behavior, and whether there is any known explanation for such absence.  Due to the unique nature and dynamics of the university and its respective schools and programs and the various academic, clinical or research activities that may be undertaken by a Student, the university recognizes that it may be challenging to accurately ascertain whether a Student is actually missing.  All relevant circumstances will be considered in the investigation, including any known medical conditions, any evidence of foul play and other factors that could bring into question the Student’s safety or welfare. UT Police will alert other local law enforcement agencies as it deems appropriate or necessary during the course of its investigation.
  3. UT Police will undertake to gather all essential information about the Student from the reporting person, from the Student's known acquaintances, from university personnel and/or co-students, and from official University information sources.  To the extent available, such information may include a physical description of the Student, cellular phone number, potential location(s) of the Student, persons who may be accompanying the Student, vehicle description, a current photograph, a class schedule, when the Student was last known to have attended class or work, last use of any university access card, and whether any contact with the Student has been attempted or made using text messaging, phone, e-mail, or any other traceable communication methods. 
  4. If the student cannot be located, then within 24 hours of the student being reported as missing, the UT Police will notify: (1) the designated missing person contact; (2) the student’s parents or guardian, if the student is under 18 years of age and is not emancipated, and (3) the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction in the area.

C.        Outside Communications about Missing Student

  1. Prior to the release of any information by the university to the public regarding a Student who is determined to be missing, UT Police and, as appropriate, other local law enforcement agencies involved in locating the Student, will be consulted so as not to jeopardize any investigation.
  2. Information provided to the media to elicit public assistance in the search for a missing Student will be handled by UT Police or other designated local law enforcement agency.

D.        Reporting Located Students   

If a Student who is reported missing is located, UT Police will provide an update to the Director, University Housing. The Director, University Housing, will notify all parties previously contacted and will advise them of the status in a timely manner.

E.         Use of Procedures Prior to 24 Hour Time Period   

The university may, in its discretion, effect any one or more of the foregoing procedures prior to any statutorily designated time period if it is believed to be merited. This includes contacting a designated Confidential Contact Person and/or custodial parent/guardian to help ascertain if a Student is missing or to collect information helpful to a search for a Student who has been determined to be missing.




Email/Web Address

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UT Police

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