What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 21, Dual Employment with Texas State Agencies

Changes limit dual employment to exempt employees only.  Employees with dual employment may not hold less than 50% appointment with the university unless the other institution agrees to track benefits. 

HOOP 100, Workers' Compensation Insurance and Temporary Modified Duty and HOOP 19, Temporary Modified Duty (changes re pregnancy discrimination)

New EEOC guidance provides that pregnant employees must be offered temporary modified duty (i.e., light duty) on the same basis as other employees, including those injured on the job.  HOOP 19, Temporary Modified Duty, has been deleted and incorporated into HOOP 100, Workers’ Compensation. 

HOOP 101, Disability Accommodation

Revisions made to reflect new guidance on pregnancy discrimination.  Additional minor changes for clarification.  

HOOP 207, Missing Student Notification

Changes reflect new law (Senate Bill 742) regarding missing students who are minors and clarify current procedures.

Updated March 6, 2015