What's New

New Policies

HOOP 214, Clinical Research Billing:

This new policy was proposed by Sponsored Projects Administration to comply with federal guidelines that will become effective on Jan 1, 2015. 


Revised Policies

HOOP 14, Employment Eligibility (w/Guidelines)

No revisions to the text of the policy, but revisions to the guidelines are intended to reflect current practices.

HOOP 57, Tuition and Fees Payment, Refunds, and Student Debt

Changes made to clarify the policy and ensure compliance with student financial aid guidelines.  After the HOOP Committee approved the policy, there was one additional change to include a statement that students may be dropped from classes if they fail to make a payment by the 20th class day of the term (see highlighted sentence).

HOOP 184, Evaluation of Academic Administrators

This policy has been revised to update procedures for reviewing academic administrators, in accordance with Regents Rule 31101.

Updated January 13, 2015