What's New

New Policies

HOOP 59, Sexual Misconduct

This policy is intended to replace HOOP 59 in its entirety.  It encompasses the information previously included in HOOP 59 and establishes a Title IX process in accordance with recent guidance from UT System and the Department of Education.

Revised Policies

HOOP 69, Indirect Costs

This policy has been revised based on the university’s new F&A agreement with the Dept of Health and Human Services as well as for clarity.  The new agreement takes effect on September 1, 2014.

HOOP 108, Protection from Retaliation

Changes made to clarify process for reporting alleged retaliation.

HOOP 115, Faculty Tenure (Guidelines only)

Changes were made to codify the current practice of granting tenure to certain faculty members upon initial appointment.  

HOOP 160, Criminal Background Checks

Changes made to conform to new requirements of UTS 124 regarding sex offender checks.  

HOOP 203, Gifts: Solicitation, Acceptance, Processing, Acknowledgement and Stewardship

Changes made to clarify procedure for accepting and processing gifts.  Language regarding specific types of gifts (retirement assets, personal property and life insurance) added at the request of UT System per UTS 138.

Updated August 27, 2014