What's New

New Policies

HOOP 215, Fundraising by Third Parties to Benefit the University

This new policy addresses the restrictions on third party fundraising to benefit the university.  It requires all third party fundraising efforts to be cleared by the Office of Development.

HOOP 216, Consensual Relationships

Previously, consensual relationships were addressed in HOOP 134 along with nepotism.  However, consensual relationships are now addressed in HOOP 216.  The policy reflects new UT System guidance on consensual relationships.

Revised Policies

HOOP 60, Student Services

Changes were made to reflect more completely the various student services offered at the university.

HOOP 96, Cost Transfers and HOOP 137, Processing Retroactive Personnel Transfers (deleted)

The substance of HOOP 137 has been incorporated into HOOP 96, so HOOP 137 has been deleted.  The policy was revised to streamline it and point to more detailed procedures on the Office of Sponsored Projects' website.

HOOP 102, Access to Employee Records

Revisions made to reflect current practices and refer to Records Retention Schedule.  Also "personnel files" are now referred to as "employee records."

HOOP 134, Nepotism

Previously, HOOP 134 addressed nepotism and consensual relationships.  HOOP 134 has been split into two policies (see HOOP 216).  HOOP 134 now addresses only nepotism.  

HOOP 143, Employee Recruitment

Changes made to reflect current recruiting practices.

HOOP 189, Faculty and Administrative and Professional Appointment

Changes were made to streamline the policy and reflect current practices for faculty and A&P recruiting.  

HOOP 202, Research Misconduct (w/guidelines)

Changes made to clarify policy and reflect current practices.  

Updated May 15, 2015