Handbook of Operating Procedures

What's New

New Policies

HOOP 221, Institutional Conflict of Interest

Based on guidance received from UT System, the university has implemented a new policy on institutional conflicts of interest, which are conflicts of interest involving the university itself and certain institutional officials.

HOOP 222, Concealed Handguns on Campus

This policy contains the rules, regulations and other provisions established by the President regarding the carrying of concealed handguns on the university campus pursuant to Senate Bill 11.

Revised Policies

HOOP 20, Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities (w/faculty matrix)

Due to changes to UTS 180, and the transfer of responsibility to the Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer, several revisions have been made to streamline and update HOOP 20.  The faculty decision matrix has also been updated.

HOOP 25, Performance Management and Appraisal for Management A&P and Classified Employees

Revisions have been proposed to align the policy with current HR practices as well as outline the process for appraisal of General A&P employees.

HOOP 33, Tuition Reimbursement and Time Off for Job-Related Training

Revisions were made to address a new state law (HB 3337) that places additional restrictions on reimbursement for job related training. 

HOOP 43, Faculty Promotion (guidelines only)

Revisions have been proposed to the Guidelines for Faculty Promotion linked to HOOP 43.  The changes are intended to reflect System guidance regarding factors for consideration in faculty promotion. 

HOOP 111, Faculty Review (w/attached guidelines)

Revisions have been made to clarify certain procedural aspects of faculty review.

HOOP 129, Educational Records

Revisions have been made to address changes in Texas law passed during the last legislative session (HB 4046), which provide greater protections for applicant information.

HOOP 168, Conduct of Research

Revisions have been made to address new requirements under Texas law passed in the last legislative session (HB 1295) regarding disclosure of research sponsors.

HOOP 218, Fitness for Duty/Fitness for Participation (Employees)

Changes are intended clarify the requirements for employees undergoing a fitness for duty review. 

Updated September 8, 2016