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Office of Legal Affairs

Office of Legal Affairs

The Office of Legal Affairs serves as an on-campus resource for general legal counsel at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and coordinates any legal action either in defense of or on behalf of the health science center.

Typical services provided are:

  • General legal and ethics counsel, including assistance with legal process
  • Policy consultation and review
  • Healthcare risk management
  • Contract consultation
  • Patient privacy training and consultation

Legal Process:

UTHealth defines “legal process” as any citation or notice of suit, subpoena to appear and/or for records, demand for payment, and/or notice of claim, whether received at work or at an employee’s personal residence or elsewhere, and whether received via mail, facsimile, e-mail, or through delivery in person by a process server, constable, deputy, or other law enforcement officer or private person.  Legal process most often comes in the form of:

  • a subpoena for an appearance of an individual at court; or
  • a subpoena for the production of records (“subpoena duces tecum”)
         -- addressed only to “custodian of records” of UTHealth, or a unit or department; or
         -- addressed to a specific employee (usually faculty or resident); or
  • notice that suit has been filed.

Other (but less common) variations include a “deposition by written questions” (addressed to a custodian of records or other named individual), or a “notice of oral deposition” (usually addressed to an individual) which may instruct the person being deposed to bring records or other documents to the deposition.

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Contact Legal Affairs 

Do you have questions or concerns about certain activities? Any member of the health science center community (faculty, staff,  resident, or student) or other interested party with knowledge or suspicion of any activity that may be illegal or non-compliant is encouraged to make use of the university's Compliance Hotline888-472-9868, or send an email to