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Note: The links in the chart below are provided to allow you to make a request identical to one that has been previously submitted. If you wish to request new or different information, please follow the instructions on our Open Records Information page.

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Under the Texas Public Information Act, please provide me all information for items 1 and 2 that I requested of Drs. David McPherson and Giuseppe Colasurdo in the attached email dated 11/7/2014 and all information requested of Dr. Kevin Finkel and Mr. Kevin Dillon in the attached email emails dated 11/6/2014.

Requestor: Bruce Kone, M.D.


Request Same Information



I would like to make a new request for information regarding the source and amount of all royalty payments received by all employees or representatives of the Children’s Learning Institute other than Dr. Landry from 2009 to the present.  I will accept a summary report showing the source, amount, and recipient of each royalty payment if providing such a report is more efficient than providing all records related to the royalty payments.

Requestor: Lori Winland

Financial Information

Request Same Information



I wanted to see if I could get a copy of the bid results for  RFP # 744-R1501. 

Requestor: Eric Schwarzenbach

Purchase Orders

Request Same Information



Under the Texas Public Information Act, please provide me all information that I requested of Dr. David McPherson and Dr. Kevin Finkel in the attached email dated 10/5/2014 (attached) and of Dr. Kevin Finkel in the attached emails dated 12/9/2013, 10/29/2013, and 9/27/2013. 

Requestor: Bruce Kone


Request Same Information



Request same information as requested in ID #20140814-1.  In addition to this information please include the cell phone numbers of the employees. 

Requestor: Mamta Rai

Personnel Information

Request Same Information



Northwest Vista is seeking information on our former students that have transferred to your institution. Through the National Student Clearing House (NSC), we are able to identify the student’s transfer institution. Unfortunately, some of the NSC information does not include type of degree earned, major, and/or term and year earned. We would like to submit a request to your office to receive further information. We would provide first, last name; birthdate to assist in the data pull.

We understand your institutional policy might prohibit you from providing us student level data, but we would gladly welcome aggregated reports on our former students. If by chance you have any reports regarding your university’s feeder schools any information on NVC would greatly be appreciated.

Below is a list of data elements we would be seeking in a excel spreadsheet:

Currently enrolled (Y/N)

Declared major upon entry (example, accounting, biology…)

Degree earned (BBA, BA …)

Major upon graduation

Degree awarded term/year ( Fall2014)

Requestor: Cheryl Burnside

Student Directory Information

Request Same Information



Requested same information as Request ID # 20140306 (as clarified, updated through the date of the request).  Please also provide years of experience and name of position.

Requestor: Vera Uhiara

Personnel Information

Request Same Information



Pursuant to Chapter 552, Texas Government Code (the “Texas Public Information Act”), I am writing to request copies of the following information:

All records in any form related to any salary, bonuses, royalty payments or other sources of income received by or owed to Susan Landry, Director of the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI), from 2009 to the present. This request includes, without limitation, records related to any royalties received as a result of the commercialization of the Texas School Ready! program or any other educational curriculum or assessment.

Requestor: Lori Winland

Personnel Information

Request Same Information



I need to request records for any and all information related to "<named student>," to include correspondence to/from faculty at UTH medical school.

I also need records held by the Medical Office of Student Affairs.

Requestor: Sean Southerland


Request Same Information



Requesting same information as Request ID No. 20140814-2.  Also "[r]equesting information about your graduate psychology program."

Requestor: Catherine McKnight


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