UTHealth Expert List


Andrew Barreto,

Andrew  Barreto
  • Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Attending Physician, Mischer Neuroscience Institute, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

Research and clinical interests of Andrew D. Barreto, M.D., include combination treatments for thrombolysis, ultrasound-enhanced and endovascular treatments for stroke and CT and MRI vascular neuroimaging. He was lead author of a study showing that a hands-free ultrasound device in combination with tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) was safe. The results were published in the October 2013 issue of Stroke, the journal of the American Heart Association. 

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Ian Butler, M.D.

Ian  Butler
  • Professor and Director, Division of Pediatric & Adolescent Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Jacobo Geissler Distinguished Chair in West Syndrome Research
  • Director, Child Neurology Residency Program

Ian J. Butler, M.D., specializes in pediatric stroke, seizures, headaches, autism, developmental disorders, neuromuscular disorders, Tourette Syndrome, movement disorders, and neurocardiogenic syncope with dysautonomia. He can also discuss neurological complications from infectious diseases. He is an attending physician at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and a consulting neurologist at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Shriners Hospital for Children-Houston.

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Nicole Gonzales, M.D.

Nicole  Gonzales
  • Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Attending Physician, Mischer Neuroscience Institute, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

Nicole R. Gonzales, M.D., researches neuroprotection in ischemic stroke, acute treatment of ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage, and stroke prevention and education. Her clinical interests include experimental treatments for intracerebral hemorrhage, neuroimaging and the natural history of intracerebral hemorrhage. She received the 2009 UTHealth Young Investigators Award for her work studying the medication pioglitazone for intracerebral hemorrhage.

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Nneka Ifejika, M.D., M.P.H.

Nneka  Ifejika
  • Director of Neurorehabilitation, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
  • Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Attending Physician, Mischer Neuroscience Institute, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

Nneka Ifejika, M.D., M.P.H., specializes in neurorehabilitation, with an emphasis on stroke and multiple sclerosis. Her clinical interests include addressing health disparities and stroke outcomes with the long term goal of improving disability in high risk populations. Her research includes interventions and medications that affect post-acute stroke outcomes and long-term rehabilitation outcomes.


Elizabeth Noser, M.D.

Elizabeth  Noser
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • James C. Grotta, M.D. Chair in Neurological Recovery and Stroke, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

The clinical and research interests of Elizabeth Noser, M.D.,  include acute stroke care, rehabilitation and community outreach and education. She completed a combined vascular neurology and neurorecovery fellowship at the UTHealth Medical School and has served as medical director of neurorehabilitation at the Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Dr. Noser is a member of the UTHealth Stroke Team and co-principal investigator for the UTHealth Mobile Stroke Unit study. 

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Sean Savitz, M.D.

Sean  Savitz
  • Professor and Frank M. Yatsu, M.D. Chair in Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Director, Vascular Neurology Program and Fellowship, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Sean I. Savitz, M.D., specializes in the treatment and research of acute stroke. His research includes using autologous stem cells after acute stroke given intravenously and subacute stroke given by intra-carotid administration; using umbilical cord tissue-derived cells for acute ischemic stroke; and using tPA in patients who wake up with symptoms of stroke.

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Jerry Wolinsky, M.D.

Jerry  Wolinsky
  • Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Bartels Family Professor and Opal C. Rankin Professor In Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  • Director, Multiple Sclerosis Research Group and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis Center
  • Faculty, The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston


Jerry S. Wolinsky, M.D., is active in the design, implementation, conduct and analysis of clinical trials of multiple sclerosis. He conducts basic and applied research in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging in demyelinating diseases. Wolinsky has served on review and advisory committees of the National Institutes of Health, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and Food and Drug Administration. He is on the editorial board of the Multiple Sclerosis Journal and Multiple Sclerosis and Related Diseases and has authored more than 300 publications.

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