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Experto explica en qué consite el síndrome del túnel carpiano y a quiénes afecta

Univision Houston Channel 45, 10/15/2016

Jose Arias Berrios, M.D., did a live interview at Univision Houston Channel 45 on the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Death of athletes revives debate over heart screenings

Houston Chronicle, 10/15/2016

John Higgins, M.D., was quoted in a story in the San Antonio Express-News on efforts to screen athletes for cardiac issues.


Flight attendant to black female doctor: ‘We’re looking for actual physicians’

Washington Post, 10/14/2016

Tamika Cross, M.D., was the subject of several stories, including this Washington Post article, about her attempt to assist a passenger on an airline flight.


Black doctor says flight attendant rejected her; Sought 'actual physician'

The New York Times, 10/14/2016

Tamika Cross, M.D.,was included in a New York Times story about Cross' attempt to assist a passenger who was in distress on an airline flight.


Día mundial de la lucha contra la trombosis

Univision Houston Channel 45, 10/13/2016

In observance of World Thrombosis Day, Univision Houston Channel 45 ran a feature story on the condition featuring interviews with Miguel Escobar, M.D., and a patient.


Four ways technology is injuring your body

Yahoo! Beauty, 10/13/2016

Those mobile devices can be hard on your hands and thumbs. Jocelyn Szeto, M.D., shared tips on how to avoid these injuries with Yahoo! Beauty.


When patients take too many pills, doctors deprescribe

The Wall Street Journal, 10/10/2016

Holly Holmes, M.D., was featured in a Wall Street Journal story about deprescribing multiple medications for some aging adults with complex medical conditions. The story was on the cover of the paper's Health & Wellness section today.


Avoiding video game-related injuries

KPRC-TV Channel 2, 10/09/2016

In this interview with Sofia Ojeda of KPRC-TV Channel 2, Matthew Koepplinger, D.O., told viewers how to avoid a common video game injury called gamer's thumb.


Harris County judge backpedals under pressure on psychiatric care issue

Houston Chronicle, 10/07/2016

UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center COO Stephen Glazier was quoted in a Houston Chronicle story about who can sign commitment orders.


Pelvic issues addressed a new Houston-area health center

KTRK-TV Channel 13, 10/07/2016

Apurva Pancholy, M.D., and two patients were interviewed by KTRK-TV Channel 13 for a story on pelvic issues.


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