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UTHealth disaster drill hones skills of Houston’s next generation of medical professionals

TMC News, 11/28/2016

Elda Ramirez, Ph.D., R.N., Richard Bradley, M.D., Jennifer Laine, M.P.H., and Kevin Schulz, M.D., E.M.T., were included in a TMC News story about the interprofessional UTHealth mass casualty incident training drill.


Houston doctors determined to reduce cervical cancer deaths in Rio Grande Valley

Houston Chronicle, 11/25/2016

Read more in this Houston Chronicle story about how UTHealth's Mobile Clinic in the Valley is partnering with other Texas Medical Center institutions to improve screening and treatment of cervical cancer.


Can a two-dose HPV vaccine boost adherence and lower costs in Texas?

Dallas Morning News, 11/22/2016

Paula Cuccaro, Ph.D., was quoted in this Dallas Morning News story about the optimal number of doses adolescents should receive of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.


What a sweltering Earth and plummeting wildlife populations have in common

Washington Post, 11/22/2016

Yun-Xin Fu, Ph.D., was interviewed by the Washington Post about his newest paper on the rapid population decline among vertebrates in the 19th century.


Kid's got the sniffles? Don't count on getting an antibiotic, doctors say

Houston Chronicle, 11/21/2016

Michael Chang, M.D., was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle about pediatricians who are prescribing fewer antibiotics because of concerns over superbugs.


UTHealth Art Wall remembers Dr. James “Red” Duke

TMC News, 11/21/2016

The Art Wall exhibit inspired by James H. "Red" Duke, Jr., M.D., and Life Flight was featured in TMC News.


UTHealth School of Public Health opens new “seed-to-plate” facilities

TMC News, 11/21/2016

In this TMC News story featuring Laura Moore, R.D., M.Ed., Eric Boerwinkle, Ph.D., and Deanna Hoelscher, Ph.D, R.D., read more about how the facilities will help teach a seed-to-plate nutrition model.


Houston’s $5.6 million party: This Constellation Gala is out of this world

PaperCity magazine, 11/21/2016

The UTHealth Constellation Gala was featured in a PaperCity magazine online story.


¿Qué tipo de lesiones sufren niños y jóvenes cuando practican deporte?

Univision Houston Channel 45, 11/19/2016

In this interview with Rebecca Suarez of Univision Houston Channel 45, Manuel Mas, M.D., discussed the treatment of concussions.


UTHealth & HFD train for mass casualty event

KHOU-TV Channel, 11/18/2016

Last Friday, nearly 100 students from UTHealth School of Nursing, UTHealth School of Public Health and McGovern Medical School participated in a mass casualty training exercise. KHOU-TV Channel 11 used footage from Metro in their evening broadcast.


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