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New MRI signal could be used to capture electrical problems in brain

Neurology Today, 12/16/2014

Giridhar Kalamangalam, M.D., is featured in this Neurology Today article about preliminary findings on an MRI technique to aid epilepsy diagnosis.


Competition intense for suburban emergency service providers

Houston Chronicle, 12/16/2014

Richard Bradley, M.D., is quoted in this Houston Chronicle community newspaper story about a shortage of paramedics in the Houston area.


NHL players down with the mumps

NewsFix Channel 39, 12/16/2014

In this NewsFix Channel 39 story, Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., discussed a mumps outbreak among National Hockey League players.


Top 10 treadmill mistakes you're making

Prevention Magazine, 12/16/2014

John Higgins, M.D., provided information for this Prevention magazine article on treadmill mistakes.


Do any of the currently available treatments for COPD improve survival from COPD?

MedPage Today, 12/16/2014

Richard Castriotta, M.D., commented on the effectiveness of treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in this MedPageToday.com story.


Testosterone link to food is tenuous

KTRH Radio, 12/16/2014

In a KTRH Radio interview, Robert Tan, M.D., commented on reports suggesting spicy foods may boost testosterone levels.


Good hygiene habits at the gym

RadioMD, 12/15/2014

Fungal infections - particularly athlete's feet - can spread in a hurry. John Higgins, M.D., discussed the importance of gym hygiene in this story on a RadioMD.com medical program.


The lowdown on fish oil supplements

QualityHealth, 12/15/2014

Amitava Dasgupta, Ph.D., is quoted in this QualityHealth story about fish oil supplements.


How to beat the holiday blues

Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio, 12/15/2014

While a joyous time of the year for many, the holidays cause some to feel blue. Prashant Gajwani, M.D., told Houston Public Media reporter David Pitman what listeners can do to beat seasonal depression.


Superbugs could kill 10 million people a year by 2050

NewsFix Channel 39, 12/15/2014

Hand washing is one of the keys to reducing the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Charles Ericsson, M.D., addressed superbug concerns in this NewsFix Channel 39 interview.


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