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Gender differences in processing foods

KTRH Radio, 02/04/2016

In this interview with KTRH Radio reporter Nikki Courtney, Deepa Vasudevan, M.D., commented on research into what makes people feel hungry.


Diabetes drug may not help obese women have normal-weight babies

HealthDay, 02/04/2016

Jerrie Refuerzo, M.D., was quoted in a HealthDay story about a study looking at the benefits of the diabetes drug metformin for obese pregnant women.


Young at heart

TMC Pulse, 02/03/2016

William Douglas, M.D., Anthony Johnson, D.O., and Helena Gardiner, M.D., were included in a TMC Pulse story about pediatric cardiovascular surgery. 


UTHealth School of Nursing debuts Veterans' Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

TMC News, 01/29/2016

Giuseppe Colasurdo, M.D., Lorraine Frazier, Ph.D., R.N., Bridgette Pullis, Ph.D., R.N,. and a student were quoted in a TMC News story about the School of Nursing's new Veterans' Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VBSN) program.


Experto aclara dudas del publico sobre el zika video

Univision Houston Channel 45, 01/28/2016

Carlos Roldan, M.D., gave an update on the Zika virus in an interview with Univision Houston Channel 45.


Bad news: Those popular negative ion bands are secretly sending radiation into your body

Tech.Mic, 01/28/2016

Robert "Safety Bob" Emery, Dr.P.H., was quoted in this Tech.Mic article about radiation exposure from magnet therapy bands.


Area health officials brace for Zika spread as second local case confirmed

Houston Chronicle, 01/28/2016

Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., and Charles Ericsson, M.D., were quoted in the Houston Chronicle:about the Zika virus.


Teaching parenting skills at doctor visits helps children's behavior

National Public Radio, 01/27/2016

In an article from NPR's website, Susan Landry, Ph.D., commented on interventions that are preventing behavior problems and increasing the school readiness of young children. The story was picked up by 53 media outlets.


Zika virus concerns

FOX 26 News, 01/27/2016

In a live interview on the FOX 26 News morning broadcast, Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., discussed the Zika virus with anchor Melissa Wilson


Truth about 'man flu'

FOX 26 News, 01/27/2016

Grant Fowler, M.D., was in the studios of FOX 26 News today for an interview about a laboratory study that suggests why men may be more susceptible to the flu.


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