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The ancient disease

HealthLEADER, 07/07/2016

Thought of as an "ancient" disease, leprosy (or Hansen's disease) is currently found in the southern United States. In the latest HealthLEADER, Steven Mays, M.D., explains the current forms of the disease and how to treat them.


A new menace joins the list of problems for Rio Olympics

Yahoo!, 07/06/2016

Kristina Mena, Ph.D., was quoted in a Yahoo! Finance story about super bacteria in the water at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Tips to avoid travel-related illnesses

TMC News, 07/06/2016

Herbert DuPont, M.D., provided tips to avoid travel-related illness such as acute or persistent diarrhea for this TMC News story.


TMC nursing schools join national effort to reduce opioid addiction

TMC News, 07/06/2016

Lorraine Frazier, Ph.D., R.N., was interviewed by TMC News about why it's important for nursing schools to include curriculum material about the CDC's new guidelines on prescribing opioids.


Playing it safe

TMC Pulse, 07/06/2016

Samuel Prater, M.D., was quoted in a TMC Pulse story about summer dangers.


Hacen falta más medicos latinos, advierten académicos de universidad en Houston

Univision Houston Channel 45, 07/05/2016

In this story on Univision Houston Channel 45, hear what this year's McGovern Medical School commencement speaker, Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, M.D., and Pedro Mancias, M.D., said about a shortage of Latino physicians.


Mosquito magnets: Why mosquitoes find some people tastier than others

KTRK-TV Channel 13, 07/03/2016

In this KTRK-TV Channel 13 story, Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., explained what makes certain people more attractive to mosquitoes.


University of Texas hospitals creating clinical data network

Healthcare Informatics, 07/03/2016

Jiajie Zhang, Ph.D., was quoted in a Healthcare Informatics story on an initiative to create a clinical data network for the UT System.


Sunscreen and bug spray: Children's summer skin care

New York Times, 07/01/2016

Adelaide Hebert, M.D., was quoted in a New York Times blog about insect repellent for children.


Lab testing critical to identify cause, guide treatment for persistent diarrhea

Healio.com, 06/30/2016

Research by Herbert DuPont, M.D., on persistent diarrhea was featured in an article on Healio.com.


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