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Avoiding video game-related injuries

KPRC-TV Channel 2, 10/09/2016

In this interview with Sofia Ojeda of KPRC-TV Channel 2, Matthew Koepplinger, D.O., told viewers how to avoid a common video game injury called gamer's thumb.


Harris County judge backpedals under pressure on psychiatric care issue

Houston Chronicle, 10/07/2016

UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center COO Stephen Glazier was quoted in a Houston Chronicle story about who can sign commitment orders.


Pelvic issues addressed a new Houston-area health center

KTRK-TV Channel 13, 10/07/2016

Apurva Pancholy, M.D., and two patients were interviewed by KTRK-TV Channel 13 for a story on pelvic issues.


Researcher discusses pros and cons of e-cigarettes

The Daily Texan, 10/06/2016

Anna Wilkinson, Ph.D., was included in a Daily Texan article about e-cigarettes.


UTHealth doctor uses lyophilizing machine to treat Clostridium difficile

TMC Pulse, 10/04/2016

Hebert DuPont, M.D., and Zhi-Dong Jiang, M.D., Dr.P.H., have developed a treatment for C. diff that extracts bacteria from the human stool of a healthy patient and turns it into a pill. In the latest issue of TMC Pulse, you can read about a patient who received this life-changing treatment.


New hope for spina bifida's youngest patients

TMC Pulse, 10/04/2016

Ramesha Papanna, M.D., M.P.H., Lovepreet K. Mann, M.B.B.S., Stephen Fletcher, D.O., and Kenneth Moise, M.D., were featured in a TMC Pulse magazine story about a new patch they are investigating for use in fetal spinal bifida surgeries.


8 things that happen to your body when you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables

Reader's Digest, 10/04/2016

In this Reader's Digest story, Laura Moore R.D., describes what can happen to your body when you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables.


Health problem? A medical device might fix it

TMC Pulse, 10/04/2016

Steven Norris, Ph.D., and the microsurgical lab of Daniel H. Kim, M.D., Dongsuk Shin, Ph.D., and Mark Dannenbaum, M.D., were featured in a TMC Pulse story on medical technology.


Treatment after a stroke

KPRC Radio's Fifty+, 10/02/2016

Many people have difficulty communicating following a stroke. In this interview with Doug Pike, the host of KPRC Radio's Fifty+ show, Lynn Maher, Ph.D., of the UTHealth Consortium on Aging discussed available treatments.


Miles de personas sufren problemas de la tiroides y no lo saben

Univision Houston Channel 45, 10/01/2016

Ranging from a harmless goiter to life-threatening cancer, thyroid disease affects an estimated 20 million Americans. Absalon Gutierrez, M.D., discussed its diagnosis and treatment in this interview with Rebecca Suarez of Univision Houston Channel 45.


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