Required Immunizations

The Texas Department of Health has issued immunization requirements for students in health-related programs. All students must have completed immunizations prior to registration. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER WITHOUT VERIFIED IMMUNIZATION DOCUMENTATION.

The Student Health Service Clinic offers the following services without charge:

  • sickness visits,
  • physicals,
  • gynecologic exams,
  • treatment for needle sticks, and
  • immunizations (excluding hepatitis B).

The Student Health Service Clinic is not to be confused with medical health insurance.

Please refer to the Student Health Services website for the immunization requirements (Immunization Requirements).

The system for immunization tracking will be replaced over the weekend of Jan 10-11, 2015, beginning at 7:00 p.m. January 10. If possible, please delay submission of immunization documentation until Monday, Jan 12, 2015.  If delay is not appropriate, please use the current system.

  • To submit your immunization documentation through Jan 10, 2015, use this link to the Student Immunization System.
  • Beginning Jan 12, 2015, immunization documentation will be submitted using myUTH.

Contact Information:
UT Health Services Clinic
6410 Fannin, Suite 510
Houston, TX 77030

ph: 713.500.5171
fax: 713.500.0605