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Student InterCouncil

About Us

What is the Student InterCouncil?

The Student InterCouncil (SIC) is the UTHealth student governance organization and is the recognized forum of student opinion and the primary vehicle for student participation in the governance of UTHealth. The organization is comprised of representatives from each of the six schools and from underrepresented student and international student constituencies.

The SIC contributes to the quality of student life at UTHealth by participating in the development and implementation of policies and procedures affecting students; providing funds to support special projects of other student organizations; representing student interests on external and internal committees; improving communication among the schools through the publication of an SIC newsletter, UTHealth Student Pulse; and planning and implementing activities that address the special needs of students.

The SIC is facilitated by Dr. George M. Stancel, Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs (EVPARA), and Budget Liaison, Mr. Charles Figari, Vice President and Chief Auxiliary Enterprise Officer. A faculty advisor appointed by the Interfaculty Council also sits on the SIC. The Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs in conjunction with the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises supports the endeavors of the SIC through administrative advisors, Ms. Kathy Rodgers, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Office of the EVPARA, and Mrs. Ronda Mullane, Assistant to the Vice President of Auxiliary.

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Points of Interest about the SIC:

  • Oldest standing committee of UTHealth – established in 1979.
  • The SIC was formed to serve as the recognized forum of student opinion. It has representation from each of the six schools and includes special representation of underrepresented and international student groups.
  • Activities of the SIC include:
    • Review policies and procedures that impact students, e.g., sexual harassment, immunizations.
    • Review student tuition and fee changes and provide recommendations to the President, e.g. Student Fees Advisory Council.
    • Host an orientation at the beginning of the year for all returning and new members of the SIC.
    • Provide funding to other registered UTHealth student organizations for events that benefit UTHealth students.
    • Representatives serve on external committees, e.g., UT System Student Advisory Council, Texas Medical Center Student Advisory Council.
    • Raise funds for student scholarships, e.g., Toshi Nikaidoh Service Award, Shohrae Hajibashi Memorial Leadership Award.
    • Initiated the Spring Mixer event (Crawfish Boil) – a university social activity for students of all schools with food and fun.