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Student Health & Counseling Services

Our Staff

SH Clinic is staffed by UT Faculty from Department of Pediatrics.

Most of our physicians are Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. They are able to see both adults and children. The remaining physicians have completed a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine.

Director: LaTanya Love, MD
Dr. Latanya Love

Clinic Manager: Andrea Prejean

Nursing Staff:

Melinda Deel & Donna Boone
Melinda Deel & Donna Boone

Renee Davis
Renee Davis

Imeida Banda

Senior Support Assistants:

Trischelle George 


Dr. Latanya Love

LaTanya Love, MD

Dr. Abby Geltmeyer

Abby Geltemyer, MD

Dr. Holly Smith

Holly Smith, MD

Dr. Margaret McNeese

Margaret McNeese, MD

Dr. Jason Sanders

Jason Sanders, MD

Monaliza Evangelista, MD

Monaliza Evangelista, MD