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State contract hotels should be used if using State funds for in-state or out-of-state business travel unless a valid exception applies. Valid exceptions may include and should be documented:

  • Time efficiency - an alternate hotel (including conference hotel) is closer to the duty point or destination
  • Lower cost - a non-state contract hotel offers a lower nightly rate
  • Health or safety issues - the state contract hotel does not meet standards required by the traveler


State Contracted Hotels 

The Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) contracts with hotels for discounted rates for state employees on transient travel while doing business for the State of Texas, usually at a 20-25 % discount off their standard rack rates for single room. State contract rates are available based on the hotel's available inventory.

Contract Details:

Hotel Directory (in-State and Out-of-State):

Hotel Information and Provisions: provides details of identification requirements, reservation guarantees, fees for cancellation, early check-out, personal travel inclusions, and more.



Securing Rates for Contract Hotels 

1) When requesting the rates listed in the directory, ask for the State of Texas contract rate. If you ask for the "government" rate, you will probably get the wrong rate. Please ensure the rate provided during the reservation is the correct rate provided in the Hotel Directory.

2) The rates listed in this directory do not apply to conferences and group meetings. Those rates are negotiated as a part of the conference package. The rates listed in this directory are for transient/individual travel ONLY. If you are attending a conference or are part of a group, do not ask the hotel for a different rate. You are obligated to pay the conference/group rate or stay at a different lodging facility.

3) In some instances, the contract single-room rate is higher than the allowable amount. The STMP accepts these rates because the discount the hotel is offering meets contract requirements. The STMP lists them because: some travelers choose to stay at a nicer property and pay the difference themselves; some travelers choose to share a double room rate at a nicer property; some categories of state travelers are reimbursed the actual cost of their travel. Do not expect these hotels to give you a rate comparable to the allowable amount. They are only obligated to offer the contract rate listed. You may ask these properties if lower rates are available.

4) If you request the State of Texas contract rate from one of these hotels and the hotel does not honor the contract rate listed, ask to speak with the Manager or General Manager who will, in most cases, be able to identify the correct rate. If this does not solve the problem, call your Manager of Travel Services, 713-500-8405.


Traveler ID Requirement

When checking into a contract lodging establishment, please be prepared to show one of the following forms of identification as proof that you are entitled to the State of Texas contract rate:

  • State of Texas employee ID card
  • State of Texas payroll ID (check stub)
  • A letter, on state agency letterhead and signed by an executive officer identifying the traveler as traveling on state business and authorized to use state contract rates. 

If you do not have one of the above types of ID, the contract lodging establishment may refuse to give you the State of Texas contract rate.

Tax Exemptions

Click here to download the tax exemption certificate for presentation to the hotel at which you are staying.

Reimbursement Guidelines

To be reimbursed for your lodging expenses, you must follow the requirements posted on the Expense Reimbursement Team (ERT) webpage

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