Philanthropy at the University

President’s Excellence Society and Deans’ Circle

The President’s Excellence Society and Deans’ Circle is the premier donor recognition society at UTHealth designed to raise unrestricted funds, giving the university’s president and deans a critical operational advantage.

No other initiative—philanthropic or otherwise—provides this kind of critical funding to UTHealth. It enables its leaders to do what they do best for their own institution: respond to unexpected opportunities, navigate change, and build for the future.

How to Become a President’s Excellence Society & Deans’ Circle Member

Membership in the President’s Excellence Society & Deans’ Circle is open to faculty, staff, alumni and friends who make a leadership gift commitment of $1,000 - $10,000 or more annually to the President’s Excellence Fund or one of the six Deans’ Excellence Funds. These are annual philanthropic initiatives that are renewed by gifts at the beginning of each academic year (September 1). When you join or renew membership in the President’s Excellence Society and Deans’ Circle you have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped train the next generation of healthcare professionals.

President's Excellence Society & Deans' Circle Levels Include
Platinum $10,000 or more
Gold $5,000 - $9,999
Silver $1,000 - $4,999

Benefits of Membership

The President’s Excellence Society & Deans’ Circle offers a broad range of ways to help you stay connected to the university. As a member you will receive an acknowledgement of your gift, along with a thank-you from the university, a unique memento to show membership and our appreciation, a special ribbon added to event name tags, invitations to select university events and a personal holiday greeting.

Our Donors

  • Morrie K. Abramson
  • Adler Foundation
  • Randolph F. Allen
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. William Barnett, Sr.
  • Danielle J. Bellmore, M.D.
  • Lan Chase Bentsen
  • Michael R. Blackburn, PhD
  • Leslie D. Blanton
  • Daniel A. Breen
  • Joe M. Bridges
  • Catherine C. Brock
  • Hubbard S. Caven
  • Rogers Lacy Crain
  • Dealer Computer Services
  • Jerry H. Deutser
  • Stephanie E. Donoho
  • C. William Doubleday
  • Jeffrey B. Early
  • George R. Farris
  • Kevin J. Foyle
  • Betsy C. Frantz
  • Cathy Gao
  • Feng Gao, DDS
  • Refugio G. Gonzales, Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Graham
  • Joseph A. Hafner, Jr.
  • Carlos R. Hamilton, MD
  • Mr. & Mrs. David T. Harvin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Hawkins
  • Eleanor M. Hull
  • Ralph T. Hull
  • Barbara R. Hurwitz
  • Larry D. Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Johnson
  • Lenoir M. Josey
  • Andrew D. Kanaly
  • Virginia L. Kanaly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan
  • Gregory A. Kozmetsky
  • Stephen A. Lasher
  • Gentry Lee, Jr.
  • David I. Leman
  • Joel M. Levy
  • Barry M. Lewis
  • Stephen H. Linder, PhD
  • Harrison M. Lingle
  • Gene L. Locke
  • Meredith J. Long
  • Ransom C. Lummis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Maier
  • Rodney H. Margolis
  • Josephine A. Martin, RN
  • Jordan Marye
  • Jack H. Mayfield
  • Rick McCord
  • Mary Hale McLean
  • D. Bradley McWilliams
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Meyerson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mithoff
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lucian L. Morrison
  • Maria C. Pappas
  • Charles R. Parker
  • James K. Petros, Jr.
  • Edward Randall IV
  • Carroll R. Ray
  • Wilhelmina E. Robertson
  • Britt O. Schmidt
  • Sue H. Smith
  • Cheeves M. Smythe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Standish
  • Susan E. Stinnett
  • Jack W. Sweeney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Thomas
  • Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr.
  • Michael Tramonte
  • David M. Underwood, Jr.
  • Victor A. Ursua, MD
  • Chantee D. Vavasseur, MD
  • David B. Wheless
  • John F. White III, MD
  • Margaret A. Williams
  • Lora J. Kilroy Wilson
  • Winstead PC
  • James D. Woods
  • Edmond D. Wulfe


For more information on membership, please contact Susan Diederich at 713-500-3387.

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