Handbook of Operating Procedures

What's New

New Policies

HOOP 219, Use of Social Media

This new policy addresses creation and management of university-sponsored social media.

HOOP 220, Student Complaints

This policy is intended to identify the various processes in place for students to make written complaints regarding various university/school issues.  It is intended to codify policies and procedures already in place. 

Revised Policies

HOOP 136, Semester Credit Hour Determination (formerly Administration of Courses in Shortened Format)

Revisions have been made to broaden the scope of this policy to include determination of credit hours.

HOOP 161, University Governance

Revisions have been made to reflect current university committees and structure as well as add procedure for student proposals regarding Regents Rules, as provided in Regent Rule 50203.

HOOP 152, Probationary Period - Classified Employees

Revisions have been made to reflect changes to the performance review process.

HOOP 153, Termination of Employment: Administrative and Professional

Revisions were made to address the termination procedures for the newly created “general A&P” employee category and clarify existing processes. 

HOOP 183, Discrimination, Harassment and Equal Opportunity

Revisions made to conform to current laws and guidance, as well as to remove references to sexual harassment, now covered in HOOP 59, Sexual Misconduct.

HOOP 193, Salary Administration

Revisions made to address compliance with new Pay Transparency regulations that went into effect on January 11, 2016.  Changes also made to address new category of employees (General A&P).

HOOP 217, Drug Screening: Employees and Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Revisions were made to remove internal applicants, employees being promoted and without salary faculty from the requirements of the policy.

Updated March 7, 2016