Handbook of Operating Procedures

What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 16, Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Earnings Statements

Revisions were made to reflect current practices and streamline the policy.

HOOP 114, Exclusion Checks (w/Guidelines)

Revisions were made to update exclusion checks process in various areas of the university.

HOOP 169, Establishment and Review of Organized Research Units and Non-ORU Centers

Revisions were made to clarify the definition of ORUs and to provide guidance for creation of institutes, laboratories and centers that are not ORUs.

HOOP 175, Roles and Responsibilities for University Information Resources and University Data

Changes reflect recent updates to the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 202 governing information security.   

HOOP 197, Requesting Professional Services

Revisions were made to clarify the scope of the policy and link to more detailed procedures. The maximum daily fees for miscellaneous professional services has been increased to $1000/day.

Updated July 9, 2015