What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 2, Campus Security

Revisions made to reflect current procedures and practices.

HOOP 39, Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention (formerly Violence Free Workplace)

Revisions made to reflect the broader scope of situations that may be covered by the policy and to update terminology. 

HOOP 46, Endowed Positions

Revisions made to reflect that the Office of Development will be taking a greater role in the record-keeping process for endowed positions.

HOOP 49, Faculty Development Leave

Revisions made to clarify the process for faculty development leave and comply with applicable law.

HOOP 109, Standards of Conduct (w/Guide)

Revisions made to reflect current university policies and compliance practices.

HOOP 128, Policy and Procedure Development and Maintenance

Revisions made to change the review cycle for policies from three years to five years and to update the composition of the HOOP Review Committee.

HOOP 149, Fund Accounting

This policy has been deleted. Finance will place any relevant information from this policy on its website.

Updated June 16, 2015