Handbook of Operating Procedures

What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 13, Travel (incorporating HOOP 61, Student Travel)

Changes were made to comply with Regents Rules and reflect broader scope of student travel, including international travel. Revisions also reiterate that use of contracted travel agency and rental car vendors is mandatory and clarifies the process for student car rentals when traveling for university business or activities.

These revisions incorporate the substance of HOOP 61, Student Travel.

HOOP 61, Student Travel (DELETED)

The provisions of this policy are now incorporated in HOOP 13, Travel.

HOOP 106, Family and Medical Leave

Revisions made to comply with new federal regulations and to clarify current policy.

HOOP 116, Editorial, Graphic, Web and Signage Standards

Revisions made to conform to current practices.

HOOP 129, Educational Records

Revisions to this policy and appendices made to comply with UT System guidance on FERPA (UTS 183). 

HOOP 133, Faculty Termination

Revisions made to comply with Regents Rule 31008 and reflect current practices.

Updated August 6, 2015