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External News Coverage

Mapping Houston's health problems

Houston Chronicle, 10/09/2015

Research at the university is cited in a Houston Chronicle story about Houston's air quality and the prevalence of asthma.


Experimental drug "mimics" effects of exercise

KTRH Radio, 10/06/2015

Vihang Narkar, Ph.D., was interviewed by KTRH Radio reporter Lyndon Joslin for a story on research into a pill that mimics the effects of exercise.


For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong?

Washington Post, 10/06/2015

In this Washington Post story about changing dietary guidelines, Marcia Otto, Ph.D., discussed how foods high in fat, like whole milk, may actually be beneficial.


Spina bifida explained

Medical Daily, 10/06/2015

Kim Waller, Ph.D., and A.J. Agopian, Ph.D., were included in this Medical Daily story about spina bifida and how the birth defect can be prevented.


New technology redefines UTHealth anatomy lab

TMC News, 10/05/2015

The new use of mobile devices to teach first-year medical students in the gross anatomy laboratory, led by Len Cleary, Ph.D., was the focus of a story in TMC News.


The "gentle" cesarean

HealthLEADER, 10/05/2015

In the latest HealthLEADER article, Pamela Berens, M.D., provided information for families who want to experience a more "gentle" cesarean delivery.


Hospital codes classify 70,000 ailments

KTRh Radio, 10/05/2015


UTHealth House Call

Houstonia, 10/05/2015

The recent UTHealth House Calls event featuring the Children's Learning Institute was included in Houstonia magazine's On the Town section.


UTHealth names first female dean for medical school

Houston Business Journal, 10/01/2015

An interview with the new dean of the Medical School, Barbara Stoll, M.D., appeared today in the Houston Business Journal.  


Negative thinking

The Scientist, 10/01/2015

Optogenetics research by Elena G. Govorunova, Ph.D., and John L. Spudich, Ph.D., was featured in The Scientist.


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