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Office of Research

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Academic and Research Affairs

George Stancel, PhD
Executive Vice President for Academic & Research Affairs
(713) 500-3082

Terrie Schade-Lugo
Sr. Executive Administrator
(713) 500-3062

Eric Solberg, MS
Associate Vice President for Academic & Research Affairs
(713) 500-3596

Heidemarie Porter
Sr. Executive Assistant 
(713) 500-3581

Cathy Rozmus, PhD, RN
(713) 500-2060

Deanne M. Hernandez, MPA
Director, Institutional Research and Accreditation
(713) 500-3192

Martha (Kathy) Rodgers
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
(713) 500-3065

Tracy Upton
Assistant Director, Finance
(713) 500-3576

Barbara Legate
Senior Business Systems Analyst
(713) 500-3470

Observers, Trainees and Visiting Scientists

       Graciette Marques-Tavares
       Program Manager
       (713) 500-3533

Office of the Registrar

Robert Jenkins, MBA
(713) 500-3334

Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management (SHERM)

Bob Emery, DrPH
Vice President, Safety, Health, Environment, & Risk Management (SHERM)
(713) 500-8100

Conflicts of Interest

Vyju Ram, MD
Manager, Conflict of Interest
(713) 500-3239

Jacquline M. Schnyder
Compliance Coordinator
(713) 500-3214

Animal Research

Mary Robinson, DVM
Executive Director, Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine & Care (CLAMC)
(713) 500-7542

Meredith Moore, PhD, CPIA
Assistant Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
(713) 500-3545

Human Subjects Research

Anne Dougherty, MD
Vice President, Human Research Protection Program
(713) 500-6950

Cynthia Edmonds, MLA
Director, IRB
(713) 500-7936

Research Compliance, Education, & Support Services

Sujatha Sridhar, MBBS
Executive Director, Research Compliance, Education, & Support Services
(713) 500-3622